Bio Jet Fuel

      THAI has a plan to use bio jet fuel for its future commercial flight. Bio jet fuel is a clean fuel that produces less carbon dioxide compared to fossil fuel. In 2011 THAI was successful in launching its bio fuel flight, with one test flight and one scheduled flight from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, the first bio jet fuel flight in Asia.
      In 2013 after a success launch of its bi jet fuel flight, THAI received strong support from the Ministry of Energy encouraging the use of bio jet fuel in the aviation industry. THAI is working in close cooperation with the Petroleum Authority of Thailand (PTT) in developing bio jet fuel. This joint project is in the study phase of bio jet fuel production from used cooking oil obtained feom THAI Catering. Some 4,000 litres per month of cooking oil pass through the bio hydrogenation diesel process which will be tested with ground equipment powered by diesel engines.