Chemical Free Building Maintenance Project

      THAI prohibits the use of chemicals which may affect the ozone layer building maintenance, which includes prohibiting the use of chemicals in cleaning spray for electrical surfaces, cooling chemical R11 and R22 for air-conditioning system and large water coolers as well as chlorine, sodium hyperchloride/hypochlorite for swimming pool and fountains.
      THAI also bans the use of CFC chemicals used in air-conditioning water cooling systems, and replacing the Halon 1301 fire extinguisher system with FM-200 for the large fire extinguisher system used at the computer center while 10 percent of the Halon 1211 fire extinguisher system is also replaced by a more environmentally friendly system for a period of five years.
      In addition, THAI launched projects to help reduce pollution from equipment maintenance such as reduction of diesel gas emission from vehicles, and CFC gas by a high power pump system for metal cutting and welding, as well as improved paint shop conditions and ventilation to reduce noise pollution.