Fuel consumption ratio

      Bio jet fuel is an important resource which plays a critical role in the Company‚Äôs operations. THAI therefore makes every effort to reduce overall consumption and improve the use of bio jet fuel for maximum efficiency. In 2014 THAI recorded lower fuel consumption when compared to the same period in 2013, in the amount of 263,402,337 litres, equivalent to 2.61 per cent. THAI strives to develop suitable technology to elevate its efficiency in fuel consumption.

      In 2014 THAI set target for overall energy consumption in the form of indicator or Specific energy consumption by comparing with meals not more than 24.50 Mj/Meal. In 2014 the specified energy consumption was recorded at 25.37 Mj/Meal which is beyond the set target. However, THAI will strive to develop its energy management system on a continual basis