THAI Celebrates Her Majesty the Queen’s Birthday with Special Air Fares

Thu, 07 Aug 2014
      Bangkok – Thai Airways International Public Company Limited (THAI) announces that the carrier has implemented strict Cargo policy on the shipment prohibition of shark fin on THAI Cargo, effective from 15 July 2014..

      Mr. Poonsak Chumchuay, Managing Director of Cargo and Commercial Mail Department, said since July 2014 the Company has communicated and implemented an official policy that prohibits the shipment of shark fin on board THAI Cargo. The internal announcement was sent to all THAI operating stations to comply with the recent policy. “As part of the world community sharing in the great concern for the protection of endangered species and the environment, Thai Airways International has implemented its own official policy to place an embargo on the shipping of shark fin products on THAI.”

      Details are as follows:


Starting Price Per Person

Bangkok – Chiang Mai


Bangkok – Chiang Rai


Bangkok – Khon Kaen


Bangkok – Udon Thani


Bangkok – Ubon Ratchathani


Bangkok – Krabi


Bangkok – Phuket


Bangkok – Surat Thani


Bangkok – Hat Yai


Chiang Mai - Phuket


      The prices are inclusive of airport tax and all surcharges with limited number of special fare tickets per flight and tickets are valid for 14 days. Mileage may be accrued based on Royal Orchid Plus policy.

       For more information, please call the THAI Contact Center at Tel. (02) 356-1111 or and (24 hours a day).

      To celebrate Mother’s Day, THAI will serve Thai desserts offering a series of sweets with best ingredients of which come from the Royal Project.

                  - For domestic flights, passengers in Royal Silk Class who travel outbound from Bangkok can enjoy “Blue meringue” with fresh fruits, while passengers who travel inbound to Bangkok will serveed “Luem Gluen”. In Economy Class, passengers who travel outbound from Bangkok must not miss the sweet jelly noodles in sapphire-like coconut milk. Inbound passengers to Bangkok can enjoy “Blue Vines” in coconut cream jelly.

                  - For international flights, Royal Silk Class passengers can enjoy their privileges with stuffed flour with mung bean and coconut flake dessert along with jasmine panna cotta with mulberry sauce and coconut caramel petit fours for dessert. In Royal Silk and Economy Class, passengers can enjoy jasmine panna cotta with mulberry sauce.

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